Sorry this page is late! While it is relatively simple, I was really on the fence about how I wanted to handle this scene so I was hesitant to commit to this page for a while.

Without further ado.. here’s this weeks’ Comic of the Week!

Week of January 22-28


Life can be a bit like a game of chess. Strategizing and positioning in the hope that you can get to your checkmate.


Magefront – Amarantha is a necromancer on a mission. She wants to become a famous battlemage just like her mother, and she knows just how to do it. She’s already been accepted to the College of Magic, summoned her first wraith, and bagged herself a Bonded knight. Now all that’s left is the hard part. Surviving a war.

Kings of Sorts

Kings of Sorts – Follow Hana, an optimistic village outcast, whose knowledge of magitech puts him at the center of royal court conspiracies!