Hey everyone! I wanted report back in with my progress on what I’ve been calling my “beer and bacon comic”. I actually finished making the art a few weeks ago, but then I was working on getting a small print run done. The good news is that I have something to show off now! <3

I’m still figuring out how I want to make the comic available online. I suppose I could upload to the Witch of Dezina site or to one of my social medias… *glances reluctantly at my atrophied social media accounts*.

But I’m leaning more towards throwing the PDF up on a digital store like itch.io, or even setting up a square store here since I also wanna be able to sell Witch of Dezina volume 1 (the book).

I mean, overall this website needs an overhaul. 🥲 As I’ve fallen out of love with the big social medias in the last year, I’ve started to realize I should be sprucing up my website to perform the functions that I used to use twitter for (making announcements, hosting my art, providing up-to-date information). Not to mention this site could use a cosmetic face lift.. or just… any cosmetic face at all.

But I’ll probably have to tackle that at a later time, as fun as it sounds. At the moment, I’m currently fighting for my life (metaphorically) to get art/comics/merch finished between pretty hectic Job Stuff. 🫠 But I’ll try to keep this site updated with those endeavors as well.