Update – Character Q&A!

We’re coming up on the end of the chapter soon! I was originally planning for a few more pages after this, but after revisiting them, I think I’ll cut that conversation and move it to next chapter. Once this chapter is done, I will be taking a planned hiatus and doing some character Q&A’s. So if any readers have some fun questions for the cast, you can send them to me via:

    1. disqus post
    2. twitter @BotanicaMachina
    3. email at kim.sanguine.comics@gmail.com

I’ll be collecting questions for the month of October! (Or really, up until I finish posting the character Q&A responses)

Also, apologies for the late pages. I attended SPX last weekend and caught covid on the way back unfortunately, so I’m still recovering from that. I’d love to be back making pages again soon, but I need to take care not to push myself and exacerbate things either. 🥲



Oh yeah. I was gonna come up with some clever conlang-y insult for Lao to use but couldn’t think of anything that didn’t sound like some fantasy slur so I left it as “bastard”. 🥲

Funny thing is his original dialog for that panel was gonna be “fuckers”. 😂 It seemed a bit too severe though.