That’s right! Your tell him Ellie! How dare he help you!

Anyways, here’s this week’s Comic of the Week:

Week of January 29-February 04


Tripping Through Fantasy…

Not all fantasy stories take themselves too seriously… these are a few.


Saffron and Sage

Saffron and Sage – Saffron Saldarriaga’s crush has been kidnapped! Together with her trusty pet-slash-mentor Sage, a large axe, and an inept guide, she sets out to rescue him from the evil nymph Milk. But with no idea where Milk is, and a recurring assassin problem, she’s got her work cut out for her.


Huzzah! – Gus and his niece Lily dreamed of running a nice inn for traveling families. Unfortunately for them, their little tavern became a popular spot for adventurers, rogues, mercenaries, and even the occasional mythical creature!

Realm of Owls

Realm of Owls – Buffet, the peaceful city of owls is under attack! (◎◊◎) Hobos are flooding through the walls, a giant fluffball with legs is on a rampage and there’s some ominous parliament trying to assemble. Will the law enforcement ever figure out what’s going on? Yes.