Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to post an update explaining what I’ve been working on the last few months. Did you know I originally thought printing chapter 1 as a booklet would be easy? I figured I had already reformatted all those pages and updated the fonts so it would just be ready to go.. but I still managed to find little mistakes here and there that I had told myself I would fix. By the end of it, I think I updated something like 38 pages out of the original 48?? (to be fair, some of those are newly created pages which have already been added on the website)

Anyways! I really need to be prepping to kickstart my comic as a book now, but I’m also going insane from not making new updates, so I’ve started drawing chapter 4 instead. No idea how I’m going to swing this because I told myself I was gonna apply to table at comic conventions this year and I’ll need to make merch for that. But at least I’ve printed chapter 1 now so I could sell that if I need to!